Disclaimer: I do not hate Malia, nor do I think that Scallison is actually dead, but it’s a fact that I can’t understand the recent anti-Sterek attitude of the crew, and the creators’s sudden need to force Stalia down my throat.

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Guys, don’t get mad at Dylan. He did what Jeff should have done ages ago.

He probably felt bad for us. He knows very well we were baited, he knows what they did to get votes for covers and notoriety. He knows what Jeff was planning for S4 too, the whole triangle with Malia (wtf seriously, she was…

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TEEN WOLF/SUPERNATURAL AU: An alternative 3B season

Stiles is not human and the Nogitsune inside him is trying to take control of his body. Unfortunately two demons can’t live in the same body and Stiles is gonna die soon, that’s why John Stilinski decides to call his famiy and ask for help to save his son. Maybe the only thing that can kill a demon is another demon, or maybe they just have the answer he needs.
That’s the day in which Sheriff Stilinski calls more demons in Beacon Hills, to discover that the only thing that can banish the darkness inside Stiles is a spark of pure light.

- So this is all about love. So who’s the person that love my son so much to die for him? -
- I think you already know the answer sheriff. -

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The man who wanted to be the king.

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OH MY GOD!!!!! I was literally holding my breath through this one!!! OMG OMG OMG… now THIS is how this season should have went!!! OMG… I just can’t… OH…….. MY………. GOD

Millions of sterek would have been so happy with this in canon.

Fuck you Jeff, seriously.

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Tsumi and Beth asked me for help to spread the word about this. This is what we’ll be trying to do tomorrow night, one hour before the episode.

Do you miss the real Stiles? Do you don’t want him to become a werewolf? Help us trend #keepStileshuman just to simply show how much we miss our comic relief, our human element. 

Dylan really is, to me, what keeps the show so grounded. I really do feel— kind of like… it’s the mythology of the show; the emissaries are what keep the werewolves connected to the human world. I think Dylan is that for the audience. I think Dylan is that thing that connects the audience to this world, make it real to them, because he’s such a human element and aspect of the show, that you can really kind of identify with.

I think that identifying and being able to connect with him, you feel so much more capable of connecting to these characters that are someone in the fantasy world. He does such a brilliant job with that. I think taking Stiles out the human world would be like a big disservice to the show.

- Tyler Hoechlin, Wolfsbane 2013 (x)

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Excess of Liberty by imthealphanow

In a society where Weres dominate and humans are usually enslaved, Stiles Stilinski is bought as a birthday present. Derek Hale is a reclusive author who is part of one of the most well respected families within Beacon Hills, and is also the resident Alpha, following the death of his family.

“Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals seems only to pass into excess of slavery.” - Plato, The Republic. 

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